Hello all my crafting connoisseurs! My name is Trista Rakow. I’m a Minnesotan mom who is passionately driven to make all things magical for my children and then blog about it here. I’m officially a “mother of dragons” with the birth of my third son in 2022. I’m also a mother to an angel baby named Audrina Marie. Our princess was diagnosed with Thanophoric Dysplasia and passed away March 23rd, 2018. I’ve been blogging about my experience to help heal and hopefully help others in the process. If you like my work or find any of my content engaging, please follow my Minnesota Mom Blog.

I created this site to document all my creative endeavors which usually include painting, scrapbooking and DIY craft projects. I also specialize in painting large scale artwork for kids rooms. If you are interested in purchasing a custom mural you can find more information here.