Baby Beau and Belle – A Beautiful Blessing

As I prepared for Audrina’s arrival and departure, a lot of emotion and careful thought went into every detail of her birth. At times, it was very difficult to even make a decision. I felt intense pressure to make sure everything was perfect as we welcomed our daughter into the world. Especially because our time with her would be so short. Selecting certain items were especially emotional because I would only be able to choose just one. This was true for the first and only dress Audrina would ever wear.

There’s hundreds of beautiful dresses in the world, but I would only have the opportunity to dress her in one so it had to be absolutely perfect. I thought about every color and style I could imagine and came to the conclusion that it had to be white because my Audrina would be pure and innocent. I visualized the dress….. a white, lace baptismal gown with a baby bonnet. To me, this was perfection, but if you ask Aaron he would say camouflage was better fitting lol. He didn’t argue the subject too much when I stumbled across the perfect white baptism gown at babybeauandbelle.com.

Oh… how my heart burned in desire for this dress. I knew it would be out of reach because funds were simply too tight. I tried to find simpler versions that might cost less, but none could speak to me the way that gown did. I waited months to choose and nothing could compare.

One night, in desperation…. I reached out to the company baby beau and belle. I told them my story about Audrina and asked them if they would consider letting me borrow a dress that I would return upon her passing. It only took a few minutes before the company responded to my prayer. . . .


Hi Trista,

We are so very sorry to hear about your little one, and we would like to send you a Lola dress and bonnet for her. We just recently got in size 0-3 months in the Lola dress and bonnet, would you like this size in these pieces? I will just need the name and address you would like for us to send to and we can get everything pressed and ready to send to you tomorrow.

Everyone here at Baby Beau & Belle will be keeping you and your family in our prayers.

Tears flew from my eyes as I read this message from the company. I couldn’t believe how generous they were to give me this selfless gift. I don’t think anyone will ever know how deeply this act of kindness has healed my heart. To Baby Beau and Belle, “you are a beautiful blessing”.

Although I will never truly feel prepared to welcome Audrina into the world, I will be able to dress her in a gown as perfect as she is and wrap her in my loving arms. I will tell her how much I love her and that there is not a person in this world that wanted her more than me.

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