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Everetts Camping Bedroom

I’ve been so excited about creating this magical camping themed bedroom for my Son Everett. He is only 1 year, and I’m already collecting everything I need to complete this masterpiece.

We do a lot of camping as a family so some items were easy to come by, such as the sleeping bag and camping chair. Why not let him use these in his room. Let’s camp out!

I want to share all the details on how to create this amazing space. Here is my checklist:

  1. Tippee – Target Pillow Fort Brand
  2. Play Campfire – Land of Nod
  3. Woodland Friends – I hand stitched using a pattern that I purchased from Etsy.
  4. Fox Painting – I painted
  5. Lantern – Great vintage find, garage sales.
  6. Fox Pillow – Target Pillow Fort Brand.
  7. Stuffed Bear – Target Pillow Fort
  8. Raccoon Friend – Scentsy Buddy
  9. Camping Chair – This one i got from Menards.
  10. Nightlight Sleep Under Stars – Not sure. I will find out.
  11. Adorable boy in Raccoon Jammies – I created that too, lol my best work yet.

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