Young Living Collection for Kids

Young Living has an entire collection of essential oils called KidScents that were specifically designed and diluted for kids! I’m completely obsessed with each one of these oils. Each one was formulated to help with certain areas. c360_2017-01-19-11-38-32-918.jpg

SniffleEase: Helps with cough, colds, congestion, sniffles and runny noses. I love using this oil when my little guy isn’t feeling well. I’ll dab a drop on the bottom of his “feetsies” and put warm socks on him.

TummyGize: Great for upset tummies, nausea, indigestion and calms the stomach.

GeneYus: Helps with focus, attention, recalling information and staying on task. This is great for diffusing while your child is studying or working on homework.

Bite Buster: Soothes the skin, helps with insect bites or itchy poison ivy.

Owie: For bumps, bruises, boo-boos, minor cuts and scraps. I have a roll-on attached to this one which makes it easy for application. I also keep it handy in my emergency kit for those unexpected boo-boos.

SleepyIze: Calming, relaxing and promotes a good night sleep. I like to use this one as we get ready for bed. It helps with our bed time routine. Sometimes I’ll even put a few drops in the bathtub.

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