Constructive Eating


One of my favorite parts about being a mom is thinking creatively at meal time. I have a stock pile of fun and useful items that I have been patiently waiting to try out with Everett. Although he is just one year, I think he did alright testing out one of my favorite items:

The construction plate! I found this plate at our local mall, but it can also be purchased online. It was made to help picky eaters find meal time adventurous. There is also a girly plate available with a whimsical fairy garden.

The construction plate comes with utencils that are shaped into construction trucks and the plate is marked to park them in certain spots. They can use their imagination to play at the construction site using their trucks to push food, or pick it up… and hopefully park in in their mouth to eat it . . .lol.


He had some fun trying this out for the first time and I think it will be useful in the future.

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