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Cute Girl Scrapbook

Front Cover

When I saw this paper collection at my local craft store, my jaw nearly hit the floor. I’ve always had a soft spot for all things pink and girly. I knew right away I had to make a mini album with this one.

It’s the Cute Girl collection by Crate PaperI’ve also included bits and pieces from  Maggie Holmes Bloom collection as well. These two scrapbook lines worked well together and couldn’t just pick one.

The Cute Girl scrapbook line features everything girly and magical such as mermaids, unicorns and fairies. The front page pretty much sums it up: 


Front Cover – Bucket List
  • Swim with the Mermaids
  • Dance with Fairies
  • Play in the Stars
  • Ride a Unicorn

This scrapbook is jam packed with so many tiny details that it is hard see it all. I did my best to take good photos and I’ll include all the details on how I made this scrapbook. Check it out!

Exterior Hard Cover

I’ll start by explaining how I made the exterior. This entire mini album was handmade to include the book binding and pages. I used a book binding technique I found online. You can find this same tutorial by searching envelope mini album. I hope to eventually include videos on how to make the exterior of the book, but for now I’ll just show you the details. If any serious “scrappers” are interested in the dimensions, please feel free to contact me. 

I included 7 main pages in this scrapbook and each have a fold out or pocket page of some kind. I always try to make each page unique. With most of my scrapbooks, I will usually just include 5 to 6 pages. I think seven pages is pushing it (it depends on how much embellishments you add). Depending on the level of depth you add, it can end up pretty thick. Some of my books hardly close. For this particular book, I did seven pages because I was working with a larger size book: 8 x 10 inch cover with a 4 x 10 inch seam.

Page One


The first page you see when you open the album looks like this. I used the birthday pieces from Maggie Holmes Bloom collection along with the ice cream pieces from the Cute Girl collection. The tassel came from Maggie Holmes as well. I just attached it to the mint green clip.

With most of the paper embellishments, I will frame it with black paper to reinforce the structure. For example, these small ice cream coupons: I glued some plain black construction paper to the back and then cut around the edges to give it a little extra detail. It helps to hold the material together nicely and adds a level of depth to the project. 


Then on the back of page one: It’s an adorable bunny page; perfect for those Easter Sunday photos. There is a 5 x 7 photo matte glued down to this page.

Page Two

Looking at the second page you see this. Then it has a fold out section. . .  

This is what you see when you open the fold in the book. Then you can fold open the flap to see this layout:

Looking at the back of page 2:


This page has photo mattes tucked under a strap. The pink photo matte will fit a 5 x 7 photo and the yellow one will fit a 4 X 6 photo. I can actually put two photos in each because there is room on the back.

I like to include these in the book because then I can take the photo out and look at it up close. Plus, I’m able to include more photos this way, since the photo mattes aren’t directly attached to the book. 

I can also use this tab as a way to stuff other things I find that I want to save and remember: like ticket stubs or in this case; kids artwork for example. 

Page Three

One of my favorite pages in this album! I’m totally obsessed with the bohemian vibe, wild child decor. I have another page that fits this theme when you open up the flap. . . . . . . . 

The tiny details: Each pocket within a page will have little cards stuffed inside. The cards have a cute picture on the front with a spot for writing on the back. This is a perfect way to keep those precious memories in-tact. I also like to stuff a few photo mattes of each size inside: One 5×7 and one 4 x 6. 

Opening up the flap: It’s more of that bohemian paper with the arrows and feathers. All of the wood chips in this album (like this flower below) are from the Cute Girl collection. 


Then on the back of page three I made another pocket strap that holds two photo mattes. The yellow photo matte fits a 5 x 7 photo.

The other turquoise square was intended for a place to write a note. It could also be used to imprint tiny hands or allow a little one to leave their own piece of artwork.

You could also tuck other things under this strap such as birthday cards or additional photos. 

Page Four

This page has two doors that fold out on each side. On the front of the doors I glued strips of scrap paper onto one another and then added the stickers. I tend to do this a lot in my scrapbooks. It’s an easy way to add lines to your page. If you choose to add lines like this, it’s good to stick with a neutral (non-patterned) page, like the yellow one in the picture.  I like to keep these pages closed using brads and twine. When you untie the string. . . it opens up to the inside. . . . . . 

On the inside > > > It features a waterfall section. You can add photos inside the pages of the waterfall and journal next to the photo. Also, you could add a note or picture to the insides of these doors. c360_2017-01-22-18-41-15-406.jpg

On the back of this page: I love, love this page! There is a place for a photo, and also a tiny waterfall section to include tiny tiny details. 

Page Five

c360_2017-01-22-18-52-54-776.jpgThis page has a pocket to stuff cards, notes or pictures. I put a couple photo mattes inside and a cute tag with a doll sticker. Notice in this picture the crescent circular tab on the left hand side: I used a circle paper punch to cut out half a circle here. This makes it easy to open up to the inside of this page.

I use a combination of one printed or patterned paper with one plain color paper. For example: Looking at the picture on the left. . . The top portion features a colorful pattern with lines. Then using one of the colors in the pattern, I will select one color for the opposite portion. In this case: I took a yellow, since the patterned lines had yellow in it. You could do either one, or flip flop them. 

Then on the back of this page:

  Page Six

c360_2017-01-22-18-54-33-724.jpgFeatures a fold out section again. Here I just included the front of the fold out part. I glued on a pocket (from my old scrapbook inventory) then added the cat to the front of it.

I also took the little doll from the Cute Girl collection and added black paper to it – to reinforce the structure. The doll slides into the pocket and you can take her out and journal on the back of it. 

Page Seven

It’s another two door folding page and this is a picture of the inside. I’ve also included a place for a photo and a folder that opens up for “cute files”- for those adorable hand written notes you want to save. 


If you liked this Cute Girl album please stay tuned in for more. I’m currently working on two more albums similar to this one. I hope to have more photos up soon!

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