For the Kids, Halloween

Halloween Spook House

I’m completely obsessed with this Halloween Haunted House project. I think Everett loves it as much as I do. Yesterday I found him playing with it. He had the ghost standing at the door step repeating, “trick-or-treat”! I plan to pack it up and only take it out each year during the month of October to hopefully build some nostalgia!

How to Make this Haunted House

Step 1: Buy an old doll house. I happened to stumble across a fisher price doll house. One that folds up. This will come in handy when I need to pack up our halloween decorations! I opened up the doll house and spray painted it grey first and then shaded some areas with a brown. I thought this gave it a nice spooky effect.

Step 2: Take off the doors and spray paint purple. You can do any color you prefer though. I also found an old swing from another doll house so I decided to just spray paint that purple and attach it to the front porch.

Step 3: I found most of my accessories by just digging through my halloween bin. Use regular cob web decoration and attach to the front porch. I was tickled pink when I discovered a light up skeleton necklace in my bin. This came in handy to decorate the front porch as well. I just used double sided adhesive tape to attach it to the roof of the porch. It can even turn on and off. Lastly, you will want to find spooky miniature items to add detail. I found the stacked pumpkins at my local craft store. They have an entire section on halloween garden miniatures. It was hard to resist buying them all. I figure I can keep adding to the house year after year. I’m hoping to find some spooky characters to go with it eventually. . . . . Like Frankenstein, a vampire or witch.




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