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Christmas Mini Album


20181015_133834.jpgI created this mini scrapbook album to document all of our sentimental Christmas ornaments. It was important to me to document the meaning behind each one because I believe they tell our story.

This book is a special way to keep our family legacy alive. That way someday when I’m long gone, Everett can pass it down and his children and they might find nostalgia in our families history.

Although you won’t find any pictures in it yet. . . You will find many places for photos or journaling.

This mini album was done using Simple Stories Christmas line. The thing I really love about this mini album is that is has a folding flap that opens up and snaps back into place with a magnet.

I use these “scrapbooking magnets” a lot in my albums. Especially if it’s going to hold a heavy door or flap shut.


Let’s take a look inside. . . . .


As with all of my albums, I use a six page book binding technique. You can see this here:

Each page folds out to reveal hidden pages or pockets with areas to place photos or journal about the photo.

Page 1:


Page 2:


Page 3:


Page 4:


Page 5:

Page 6:


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